Ricky is 12!!

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Ricky decided he needed to have another birthday.


This time he decided to turn 12!


How did THAT happen?


Ricky is an awesome kid!  He is super smart and an amazing reader.  He’s patient with his brothers and plays really well with the little kids.  He understands stuff – I love talking to him!  He listens to reason and can appreciate why I parent him the way I do – that is really fun!  It is fun to be able to say, “this is why I’m asking you to do this” and he thinks for a moment and responds, “okay.”


He’s grown up so much since starting junior high!  Don’t get me wrong, he still plays imagination and likes his fuzzy creatures, but he isn’t afraid to take charge of himself.  Ricky had set his math book and binder down in the hall and when he came back, it was gone.  Instead of me going to the school to solve the mystery, Ricky handled it.  He checked with the office, his teacher, the janitors and when that all failed, a neighbor who works in the office stepped in – through the security footage, it was discovered that a girl picked it up and put it in her locker and they were able to get it back for him.  But he handled it!  It was awesome!


Ricky loves this cat … perhaps a bit TOO much!


The day after Ricky’s birthday, he was ordained a deacon in our church.  Kevin did the ordaining and it was a special moment for me.  As I listened to the blessing, surrounded by my other 4 crazies, I couldn’t help but think about how full my home will be of the priesthood someday!  That little bit of extra will be a blessing to us all!


Being a deacon means that Ricky can pass the sacrament to the congregation now.  The first few weeks, he seemed so timid and unsure.  It was hard to watch because I could see how nervous he was and Ricky is so seldom nervous.  I think he sensed the seriousness of what he was doing.  A couple of months later now and he is a pro!  He stands tall and does his thing!  It makes my heart happy.


Ricky likes ice cream cakes for his birthday.


I hope he was wishing for books for his birthday because that’s mostly what he got!


I guess the ice cream cake made them all chilly because I found them snuggled up with Grandmama when it was time to open presents!


Sometimes you see lessons you’ve tried to teach pay off … we’ve talked about expressing gratitude for gifts many, many, MANY times in our house.  Ricky’s enthusiasm over these t-shirts from Grandmama was proof that he’s listened.  (not that he didn’t like them, but he’s 12 … and a boy … and it’s a shirt … ‘nuf said)


Gotta show that appreciation …


I hope he’s ever too old for a hug!


I am a very lucky mom!  (thanks for the lovely picture, Kev)


I wouldn’t trade him for any other kid in the world!


Love you, Ricky!


Cousin Cate got baptized

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We had plans to go as a family down to Lehi for cousin Cate’s baptism.  The night before, Bobby decided to not feel well.  So…he and Kevin stayed home and our plans changed a little.

The baptism was really nice.  My boys, being who they are, were definitely more excited about their uncles being there than the actual program.  I didn’t mind.  They divided and conquered and I ended up sitting child-free the entire time!


The five of us siblings don’t get together very often, so Mom insisted on a picture.  We look pretty good!


Someday they may resist the cousin line-up, so we have to squeeze it in while we can!


It was Ricky’s birthday, so these cousins were (left to right), 12 – 9 – 9 – 8 -7 -6


There you go!

Fourth of July

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I do enjoy the Fourth of July!

We grabbed our usual spots and watched the West Point 4th of July Parade with Grandmama.


Sometimes it is hard to wait for the parade to start and you need to nap on your brother …


I have many years of this particular pose and I still love it every single year!


After the parade and looking around West Point’s festivities at the park, we had a lazy day at home.  Kevin built a pen for our bunnies.  He had some help.


That night we went to our friend’s house and watched a ton of fireworks!  Lots of kids and friends…


And sparklers.  Bobby got to hold his first sparkler and he LOVED it!


See?  What’s not to love about the Fourth of July?!

Summer Playing

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Some of the best parts of summer are just the days of random playing …

Ricky and Billy were in a theater camp for a week in July.  They were gone all day, so I took the younger three on adventures.  We had sat a lot in June and this was my way to try and make up for it.  Our first stop was the Hill Air Force Base Airplane Museum.


We met up with some friends and the kids got to run around and touch all these old airplanes.


Then we went inside where they could look at a few more airplanes and other air force memorabilia.  I was particularly fond of this replica of the M*A*S*H directional sign post!


The kids had a good time, which was good because they’ve been bugging me for years to take them to the museum!


The next day we went to the Dinosaur Park.  It is always a crowd pleaser for my boys.


It was even better this time because I let Rusty play Pokemon Go as we wandered around!


It wasn’t too hot which makes it all the better of a day at the Dinosaur Park.


And my favorite photo spot of the park …


Most every Wednesday all summer, we met with friends for “play group.”  Sometimes we went to parks, sometimes we went to houses…just something fun for the kids to do and a chance for us moms to sit and visit.  This particular play group, I was able to catch 4 of my boys on the swings at once!


One play group we went to a splash pad.  Ricky was gone to Scout Camp this week.


The kids really liked the splash pad.  I really like that play group forces me out of my comfort zone to go places like that – I’ve never taken the boys to a splash pad before!


After the splash pad, since they were in their swimsuits, I put the boys to work washing my van!


Sometime Momma goes out to play by herself!  I am in two book clubs and I adore my friends in those groups!  Sometimes we go to restaurants for book club rather than meeting at someone’s home and sometimes that restauranting turns into going to a disturbing shark movie!  The things I do for my friends!  Here is book club 1 …


Here is book club 2 …


We didn’t put up a big pool this year, so we appreciate friends who invite the boys over for water parties!  I couldn’t resist this picture.  Watching my five walking down the street … some day they’ll be big and I wanted to remember this cuteness forever.


There you go.

Pendleton Togetherness

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In July we had the chance to have both of Kevin’s brothers and one of his sisters and their families over to our house for a BBQ and family time.


17 cousins


There was good food, some Koob, some frisbee, some volleyball …


Lots of sitting around visiting…


I do always love to see how the older cousins accept my boys …


It makes me happy!


Ricky was a bit more into reading his current book, but we made him at least look somewhat social…


We also did some fireworks that night.  It was going lovely until the very.  last.  one.

That’s the one that flipped over after the first launch.  It then spun in the road shooting fireworks in all different directions!  They went into all of our neighbors’ yards!  Neighbors who had come out to watch with us fled back into their houses … one neighbor ran inside yelling “it’s gone all bad!”

I was sitting in the grass with Bobby when it went “all bad.”  One of the older boys grabbed Rusty, who was also near us, and I managed to run for cover behind Marc’s van with Bobby.  Just as we got behind the van, Marc apparently grabbed Bobby (I don’t actually remember that) and at that same moment, a firework shot UNDER the van and right into my thighs!  Thankfully, it bounced off my legs and hit the ground before it popped.  I was able to turn my head to one side, so only one ear took the sound – there was silence and then ringing in that ear until the next day.  I thought I was on fire and was about to drop and roll, but before I hit the ground, I focused on my pants and they were only burnt and oil stained.  So I stayed upright.  Other than my ringing ear, everyone was totally fine and there wasn’t even any actual damage.

It may be a while before Kevin is willing to do fireworks again!  Our sweet neighbor came out with popcicles and fudge-cicles because, she told us, sometimes a popcicle makes everything all better.


It seemed to work fine.


Since Daniel was scheduled to enter the MTC in August and all 17 Pendleton cousins were together, we had to get some cousin pictures…


They really are a good group of kids.


And they seem to like each other well enough …


It was a good evening.

It usually is when family gets together!

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