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Kevin and I take the opportunity a couple of times a year to clean up our eating for a month and eat mostly produce, mostly raw, nothing processed food.  We call it our “detox.”  The boys understand what we are doing and that we are trying to make bodies more healthy.  During one of our detoxes this year, Tommy had some potato chips on his plate.  He said, “Momma!  I’ve got detox chips!  See, there’s potatoes!”

Almost, son, almost!


Ricky’s first grade teacher retired at the end of last year.  She was a good teacher and will be missed.  The boys were talking about her leaving and Rusty said, “Mrs. Child is like 84 and she’s been teaching for 45 years!  That’s why she’s retiring!”

His numbers might have been a little off … I’m not even sure she’s 65 yet!


While at Bear World this summer, in the petting zoo area, there was a big pig.  Kevin patted its side and said, “That pig is solid!”

Rusty immediately responded, “He’s made for bacon!”


As we were driving through Targee National Forest this summer, from the back of the suburban we hear Rusty say, “There’s miles and miles of nature!”

We still aren’t sure if he was referring to the view out his window or to the map he’d been studying.  Either way, he was right.


After spending a day in Yellowstone, we stopped at Pete’s Pizzaria for dinner.  It was your basic pizza joint, complete with plastic red and white checked tablecloths.  Rusty informed us, “This is a really fancy restaurant!”  I guess we should start taking him to a few more places!


When we entered Dinosaur National Monument Park, the ranger we showed our park pass to was odd.  Without making eye contact with Kevin, he gruffly said, “How many miles have you got on your car?”  It was incredibly unsettling and made us wonder if we were going to be turned away for our old suburban!  It was actually that the guy was thinking of buying a suburban and wondered how long they last.  Next time, he should ask in a little bit more friendly way so as not to creep people out!


I told the boys that it was Grandpa Dick’s birthday in September.  Tommy asked how old Grandpa Dick was.  I told them that he’d just turned 93.  Without missing a beat and totally deadpan, Rusty said, “He’s old!”


Rusty and Tommy were asking me to write their names in cursive one day.  After writing their names and a few other words, Tommy went up to Rusty, thinking I couldn’t hear, and said, “Wow!  Momma is really good at cursive!” Why, thank you, son!


There you go.

October Stuff Part 1

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This is an old picture from this summer.  But I love it and wanted to make sure it was on the blog.  I love them.


Family over for Conference Sunday Lunch … taco bar!


Some days you just need to capture the love.  He is so much fun!


This group of boys, one 9, one 8, one 7, and two 6 … they are good little friends and bus buddies!  That said, Billy has become the King of the bus stop.  He is older by nearly a year and a half and still carries himself like a little old man.  My boys understand Billy and his ways, but I was surprised to see their friends also, um, respect Billy’s authority.  On this particular morning, I was dropping Rusty and Tommy off at the bus stop after getting them from their 7 am piano lessons (so, so early!).  I had dropped Billy off at the stop on my way to pick up the other two and their friends were already at the stop.  This has traditionally meant the friends should have been first in line – they have always lined up in order of arriving at the stop.  Sometimes, Rusty and Tommy get out of their lesson too late and I have to take them to school, but this day the bus hadn’t come yet, so I stopped again at the bus stop to let them ride the bus to school.  I was surprised to see that Billy was at the head of the line.  I was informed, “That’s just Billy’s place.”

Ah, my little Mob Boss!


This is an assignment of Rusty’s.  It says, “If I were a teacher … I would do magic and potion.”  Perhaps we do too much Harry Potter at our house?!


Ricky’s junior high sponsored a community meeting about “Rachel’s Challenge.”  It is a kindness campaign organized by the family of the first victim of the Columbine shooting in 1998.  It was emotional for both boys as they told Rachel’s story and about several other victims of the shooting.  What was most emotional for me was when we first walked into the school.  Ricky put his arm around Billy and just started showing him around and telling him all about junior high.  It melted me!


It was good to attend with my boys.  (and for the record, the junior high’s community meeting wasn’t any better attended than the one at I did at the elementary school – people are missing out on great opportunities!).  Rachel wrote a paper a couple of weeks before the shooting where she challenged the world to be a chain reaction of kindness.  To do this she gave 5 steps:  eliminate prejudice, dream big and write down goals, choose positive influences, speak with kindness, and share with loved ones that you love them.  All good stuff!


Kevin and I went to see “Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Unusual Children.”  Ricky didn’t care so much that we went to the movie without him, he was more annoyed that I loaned out my copy of the book before he could read it!


One of our Sunday activities is to watch a talk from General Conference.  The boys sketch the speaker and write down what they hear in the talk.  So far, it has been an awesome experience.  Made even more awesome by their sketches!  Here is President Uchtdorf, or Gomez Addams, you pick.  This was Billy’s work.


The sand in the shoes was Rusty.  But it could have been Tommy.  I don’t know how they can even walk with that much sand in there!


The boys made these shirts last spring.  Tommy has now hot dogged two of them – one was so mustardy that it was never going to recover.  This was ketchup.  Either that or he was splatter painted.


Another fun PTA things that I get to do is the Grandparents’ Lunch.  I’m glad that my mom is able and willing to come and eat with my boys.  I know they love having her there!  The principal and I figure we had 275 to 300 grandparents/loved ones come this time.  That is such a good thing – connection to the community!  Plus, the grandparents spent more money in our book fair those 2 hours it was open than we made in 7 hours the next day!  Win-win for everyone, right?!


September Summed Up

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I am determined to catch this blog up to the present … hence “September Summed Up.”

Billy’s teacher asked if I’d accompany his class on a field trip to the bird preserve – I said yes!  Billy approved!


Here is Billy getting up close and personal with a caterpillar …


As far as field trips go, it wasn’t the most exciting.  I’ve taken the boys to this bird preserve, so Billy already knew the ropes.  He did learn a few things from our guide and I tried pushing him into the marsh, but he didn’t think that was a good idea!  Heehee


Billy is not a fan of sandwiches (unless they are meatball subs), so for his sack lunch, he got leftover fried chicken!  He was absolutely happy about that.  It was good to spend some time with Billy.  I sure love that kid!


Sometimes a cat just needs to climb into the recycling stack and lick his nose.  Didn’t you know?


We have a closet full of games and most of them never get played the “right”way.  Take this game, Carcassone, Rusty would much rather create his own map and place his people where he wants than to take turns and have to create the map randomly!  Such silliness!  He likes to take pictures of his maps once they are done …


When you are all dressed up cute for church and your momma wants to take a picture, that is when you run and hide behind the trash can.  Everyone knows this.


Kevin is the Elders’ Quorum president in our ward (church) and was in charge of a dutch oven potluck in September.  The weather was perfect all day.  The weather was still perfect at this point of the evening.  About 30 minutes into the dinner, the winds blew and the rains came.  Everyone was cleaned up and gone 59 minutes after the opening prayer.  Shortest ward dinner in our ward’s history!


Bobby went with me to my stylist to get a hair cut.  His little toy Marshall dog came, too.  Marshall needed his own seat because he didn’t feel like sharing.


We went on a double date to CLAS Ropes Course with our friends the Bucks.


It was a “couples retreat” event.  We did ropes course challenges and discussed how they can help us in our marriages.  We also went canoeing at the end.


I had taken our church youth here for a youth conference 7 years ago and always wanted to go back with Kevin so he could see some of the neat things we’d done then.  When I saw that we were available the weekend of this retreat I jumped at it.  My mom was good enough to stay with the boys – we were gone 8 hours since the course is in Provo and that is just a bit too long for Ricky with all his brothers.


We rode a zipline.  We did a tightrope challenge (below) where you gradually get farther and farther from your partner while only holding on to each other.  Kevin and I were actually really good at this one!


I just went into my zone and Kevin was willing to lean farther than most of the other men.  We reached the end both times we tried.  We were the longest married couple there, which felt weird because sometimes I forget we aren’t newlyweds.


Ah, the rock wall.  My humbler.  Someday I will reach the top.  But it wasn’t this day.


I think that Kevin and I have a pretty solid relationship.  We laugh, we have heated debates, we love, we have faith in each other and in our God … but neither one of us has any interest in making a creation out of toothpicks and marshmallows!


My favorite activity was the giant swing!  I love it!  I loved it 7 years ago and I loved it more now.  I love flipping while swinging and … just everything!  This time I got to love watching Kevin go on it, too!  I’m really, pretty sure he doesn’t love it like I do, but he’s an awfully good sport!


And he was really good at the climbing wall, too.


One day while making strawberry jam, the immersion blender and I had a disagreement.  I thought it was off, it decided to have tension on the blade, it attacked my finger.  I was home alone with Bobby and while I wasn’t scared, I didn’t know what exactly to do.  I initially called a neighbor to help, and she was wonderful – she told me I had not cut off the top of the my finger and she bandaged me up.  But 10 minutes after she left, when I went into shock, I didn’t want to call her back because she had little people at home.


I’ve never gone into shock like that before.  Hyperventilating, pounding heart, non-stop tears and shaking – I was a mess!  And I couldn’t reach Kevin at work, so I was even more a mess.   After scrolling through my contact list several times on my phone, I was finally clear headed enough to remember my dear friend whose husband is an ER nurse and who was probably home right then.  A few shaky texts later, they were on their way to take care of me.


Her husband patched me up a little and confirmed I needed stitches.  We dropped Bobby off at my friend’s (the initial one who bandaged me), the ER nurse back at home with their kids, and my friend took me to an Instacare and stayed with me.  Kevin met us there.  The shock had subsided and the adrenaline rush taken its place – I was slap happy and so funny!  At least, I thought I was so funny.  I’m sure I was just obnoxious and loud!


While I was being stitched up, my friend’s little girl was giving Bobby a dance lesson.


Just 4 stitches, but it cut through my fingernail as well.   All the strawberries were thrown away and no jam was made.  I have used my immersion blender since then – not going to let a little accident keep me from my cooking!


On days when Bobby naps, he often tosses and turns a lot before caving in.  He is adorable.


The end of September brought Ricky’s first Scout Court of Honor.  He got his Tenderfoot (and he should have had his 2nd and 1st class, but there were some miscommunications) as well as 11 merit badges.


It was also Billy’s Pack Meeting night where he got another belt loop.  I love my scouts!


PTA sponsored a community meeting about the procedures our school and sheriff’s office have for Lockdowns and Lockouts.  It was the third time PTA has held a meeting like this, the first one this year.  Turnout is never as high as I would like, but the message is so important.  This year I really wish more people had come.  We held the meeting on a Wednesday.  The following Monday our school went into Lockout.  There was a lot of panicked parents.  A lot of calling the school and people not understanding what that even means.  It means, there might be a threat in the community near the school, so the students and staffed are kept inside doing their usual thing – everyone else is locked out!  The school is the safest place for those kids in that situation.  It was opening weekend of the duck hunt and a popular place to hunt is not far from the school.  The “threat” was a hunter on the street with his gun.  Absolutely nothing to be nervous about and I wasn’t nervous.  I understood exactly what was going on.  I just wish more people would have come to the PTA meeting so they wouldn’t have had to be nervous either!


Kevin had a birthday, shout hurray!


He doesn’t always like me taking pictures of him — but he’s so cute!  He doesn’t ever want much for his birthday, so we didn’t give him many things.  He got lots of hugs and kisses and cards from his boys, though.  ‘Cuz we love him!


Rusty was the star student of the week in his class in September.  He got to hang up an “about me” poster, read the class a favorite book, and do a “show and teach” session on Friday.  Rusty chose to bring his pet rabbit, Red, for his show and teach.  Red was well behaved and Rusty had looked up lots of facts about rabbits to share with his class.   I was worried about taking a bunny to school, but it worked out great!


And there you go!

Bobby is 3

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My baby is three!


Bobby is a hoot!  He didn’t really think it was his birthday.  His birthday fell on Tomato Days, so we didn’t celebrate until that evening and he informed me earlier when I asked that it was NOT his birthday.


Bobby is very determined and strong-willed.  He has an opinion about most everything, but especially what he wears.  This yellow Batman shirt, an Old Navy flag shirt, and “camp shirt” (usually a flannel shirt but sometimes that just means a long sleeved shirt) are pretty much his standard attire.  One week, to my chagrin, he wore that darn flag shirt 3 days in a row … and it was dirty!  But he insists and, by number five, I pick my battles.  The shirt one isn’t one I’m usually interested in fighting.


Another of his funny traits is that if something happens that he doesn’t really like or appreciate, Bobby will fold his arms, furrow his brow, frown, and say repeatedly, “you make me so mad!”  Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be any reason why he should be so mad!  And, usually, I can break his madness by telling him not to smile until he caves and smiles.  It is funny though!  Yesterday, he actually stomped his foot as he told me “I’m so mad!”


While Bobby does love Batman, he very much loves the show “Paw Patrol.”  He also loves “Team Umizoomi” and “Dino-Trux.”  He loves playing with toy cars and trucks and planes and helicopters.  Bobby loves stories and books.  He’s figured out how to read stories on the ipad and there is a Lego game he likes as well.   Bobby can ride his bike with training wheels and zooms around the driveway after his brothers!


Bobby does not like being treated different than his brothers.  If they get a snack, he wants one.  If they are doing homework on a tablet or computer, he wants equal screen time.  If they are practicing the piano, he’ll wander in and pound out a tune.  If Kevin is taking the boys to school, Bobby wants a ride, too.  He knows he’s three if you ask him, but he acts like he’s 12!


This costume of Chase from “Paw Patrol” was a favorite birthday gift.


But even more favorite were the two sets of Batman jammies he got – one from me and one from his aunts.  One is “black Batman” and the other “blue Batman” and he pretty much only likes wearing them each night.  He will let us know that if he would rather be blue or black each night.


He has a great smile, a silly giggle, and brown eyes that melt my heart.


Long eye-lashes and a smooshy tummy – he’s my favorite number 5 son!


I like to hug him and kiss him (even though he wipes the kisses off and says, “no kissing!”) and I sometimes call him “George,” which he hates and corrects me!  “Me not George! Me Bobby!”  The other day, we were talking about a Robert and he popped his head up from where he was playing and said, “That me!”  Kevin and I were shocked he knew his name was Robert!  Today if you ask him if he is Robert, he’ll declare, “No!  Bobby!” so who knows how he got it right earlier!


Bobby needed his birthday party, too.   However, I don’t know a ton of three year olds and the ones he plays with are the kids of our friends, so I decided to cheat.


I combined our back to school bbq with a party for Bobby built in!  Easy enough for me and he knew it was his party, so we both won!


Hamburgers and hot dogs and friends …


I went with an animal theme (because 3 year old parties seem to need a theme).  This game was only for the 3 year olds – stomp the pigs!  After catching all the pigs and putting them in the pen, the little people got to pop them all.  Not my idea of fun, but they thought it was great!


No animal themed party is complete without some pin the tail on the donkey …


My favorite part was the train (and the inspiration for the animal theme).  Our friends have this train and let us borrow it for the party.


Bobby thought it was pretty cool!


We did a pinata as well.  That may be the last pinata I ever do … it brings out the crazy in kids!


Brownies and ice cream.  Birthday candles.  A fire.  Night games.  Running and giggling and playing for hours.  What more could this little man have wanted out of a party?


I absolutely love my little brown-eyed caboose!!

End of August, Start of September

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Something about school starting means that life just gets busy.

End of summer means canning season in my house.  Lots and lots of canning happened this year.  Our zucchini plants went crazy!  This pile is only a small portion of what we harvested.  We ate and ate and froze zukes for days!

August pack meeting brought several belt loops for Billy.  I do like that the brothers get in on the pre-meeting games.  Tommy is trying to drop marshmallows in to his friend Trevyn’s ice cream cone…


In addition to his belt loops that we worked on this summer, Billy also earned his religion knot!


Sometimes when you are the littlest and you are on errands with mom and you like Batman and you see a Batman umbrella and you ask for it … sometimes the momma says yes!


I must have tasted good during this canning session break.  Hunter couldn’t resist a good lick.


Kevin and I try to go out once a week on a date.  Some of them are more planned than others.  We also try to take a picture of ourselves on each date.


We took our friends Josh and Shelly out to a comedy club as a “we survived school starting” celebration.  They also were so helpful when our suburban broke down and we owed them.  It was great to get out and laugh and laugh together!


I try to make sure Bobby takes regular naps, but some days it isn’t an option.  On those days, he will occasionally take a nap anyway…


Bobby and I went to the Station in Farmington one day.  A big playground in the middle of a shopping center?  Perfect little boy fun!


After shopping and playing, we met up with Kevin for lunch.


I may have used this picture when I was talking about baseball, but maybe not.  It is Rusty with his friends Eli and Peter.  I just wanted to make sure it made its way onto the blog …


Tomato Days!  I love our town’s heritage celebration.

Billy went early to school for 2 weeks so that he could be in the children’s choir for the Tomato Days Flag Raising ceremony.  They sang several patriotic songs including “Fifty Nifty” and Billy got to hold the Alabama sign.  You can see the short program HERE.


That was Saturday of the weekend festivities.  That night, the city hosts a free dinner, live entertainment, and fireworks.  Kevin and I left the boys home and made it our date night!


We visited with some friends we met and then we enjoyed the fireworks …


It’s been years since we saw fireworks without kiddos.  I have to admit, it was kind of fun!  The boys saw most of them from the driveway at home with Grandmama, so there was no guilt!


Rusty loves dinosaurs.  Rusty is adorable.  Rusty borrowed his dad’s reading specs to see the tiny pieces.


On Monday of Tomato Days, I ran the school PTA booth at the park.


We sold our school shirts and did hair chalking.  The hair chalking got really fun when the teenage boy volunteers starting being creative!


I did miss out on the parade though.  I was a bit bummed by that, but my boys weren’t IN the parade this year, so I didn’t mind too much.  Kevin took the boys and they sat with our friends the Bucks.   The “straight outta hooper” shirts are the ones I was selling.  We sold over 300 of them that day alone.


Food, games, sunshine, rodeo … Tomato Days rocks!

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