Summing up July

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Let’s wrap up July …

On the rare occasion, you can get a spot so comfy that all 3 cats need to join you.  Can you spot all 3?


Billy, Ricky, and Bobby had their turns doing Ogden Nature Center camps.  While we waited to pick up Billy from his camp, we explored a bit.  The bigger boys put on a puppet show for Bobby…


It was a super hot day and when we got there at 3:30 pm, we were the first visitors (other than the summer camp kids) to be there all day.  We melted!


Doesn’t everyone need to wear an orange belt once in a while?


We went to Pizza Pie Cafe to celebrate Ricky’s birthday.  Bobby felt a half-Nelson was a good way to pass the time as we waited for our table…


One hot day, we killed an hour in the air conditioning at the arcade.  It was the first time there for several of the boys and they thought it was great!


Frogger may have given me fits!  I just couldn’t get that last frog all the way across!


Another picture of soldier Tommy …


And a screen shot from the video of Billy so proudly ringing the gong!  Oh, I love it!


This cat is cute and sweet and sometimes just wants to lovingly nibble on my fingers.  It doesn’t hurt and is very strange.


The primary chorister sent me this picture of Billy.  They played some sort of musical game and he got to be a bandit.  This kid cracks me up!


Another hot day at Lagoon!  This time is was just too hot.  We were done earlier than planned, but not before a plane ride …


Tommy is coming to get them …


The merry-go-round is only really fun if you get an animal that goes up and down.  If you don’t, you have to stand in line a second time so that you CAN get an animal that goes up and down.  Just letting you know.


Waiting in the shade for the train…


He won’t fit on these boats much longer …


I was stopped more than once, by men and women, and complimented on my shirt that day at Lagoon.  I realized as I tried to not think it weird, that we live in a sad world.  We live in a place where everyone is always fighting and trying to be something they think they need to be.  Yes, we should always be aiming to be a better version of our self, but our self is enough.  I hope to let my boys know that they are special and what they do is enough!


We were invited to a local pond to celebrate the littlest Buck’s birthday.  There was cake and friends and feeding the ducks!


I guess we should go feed the ducks more often because the boys thought it was a grand idea!


(shh – I think Kevin quite liked it, too)


Sigh.  We sure live in a great place and are very, very blessed!


There you go.

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