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Our cub scout pack takes most of the summer off.  It works okay for me because that’s when I have time to do scouting stuff with the boys.  I even bought a Tiger Scout book for Tommy so that he could do scout stuff all summer, too.


Because we do so much during the summer, the first pack meeting after the summer break is fun.  My boys always receive several awards!


Rusty earned 3 belt loops and his Religion Knot this summer.  Billy earned 5 pins.  We are fans of the scout program at our house!


Kevin and I tried out a new to us restaurant for one of our date nights.  It was a cute cafe with yummy chicken fried steak and potatoes!


Kevin spent a lot of time finishing our rabbit hutch and it now has a beautiful and sturdy roof!


Bobby might like video games more than anything.  He might occasionally get his hands on two devices at once!


Tommy brought home a letter to me about his week at school.  My favorite part was his signature!


My cats find it necessary to sit on me a lot.  Sometimes they refuse to give up their claimed space and that means they get all tangled up with one another…


There you go.

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