Back to School 2017

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The boys were ready.  It was time for school to start!

Ricky started 8th grade.


Tommy is in 2nd.


Rusty is in 3rd grade.


Billy is taking on 5th grade.


They were ready for structure (whether they knew it or not) and seeing their friends every day.


Can’t deny Bobby a photo-op …


We walked with these 3 to the bus stop.  I love that they like each other!


Waiting at the bus stop with friends is the best.  And it was adorable that those 3 little people not going to school knew to line up, too!


There they go!


A few days after brothers started school, Bobby got to go to an open house at his preschool.  He is already somewhat familiar with preschool  since he went with me to PE so much last year.


When it was finally his turn, Bobby knew exactly how to stand for his back to school picture!


His preschool class is a bit of a challenge.  It is large 12 or 14 kids and only 3 are girls.  The boys are mostly of the wiggly variety.


But that’s the nature of the preschool beast!  Bobby doesn’t care and just loves being a big boy!


And that’s all I really hope for with preschool – exposure and fun!


(I know his last name is spelled wrong.  Even though his teacher has had all 5 boys now, our last name still baffles her.  It’s never had any lasting confusion!)

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