Bobby turned 4

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My baby is 4.  Sniff, sniff.


Bobby is a character.  We try not to spoil him, but it is hard sometimes!  He is our littlest and he’s so cute and you just want to love him!


Bobby is smart.  He knows his colors, shapes, can easily count and recognize his numbers up to 10 (and a few beyond), he can sing his ABCs and knows the letters in his name.  He loves Batman and knows all about Arkham Assylum, Gotham, Lex Luthor, the Penguin, and Batarangs.


He has no real fear, except flies.  He hates flies.  He has complete confidence in himself and his ability to find his way or do what he needs to do.  Sometimes he does think he is not capable of dressing himself – or he likes to run around undressed, I’m not sure which.

He was in a hurry to blow out his candles.  I had to stop him until we had finished singing to him!


Bobby loves to blow out candles!


Bobby is willing to eat most anything however desserts are not his favorite.  It’s hard having a child you can’t bribe with a cookie!  hahaha


He is all potty trained now, with only an occasional accident.  He loves music and singing – on his terms.  He is still squishy and fun to hug!  He wipes off my kisses and sometimes will kiss me on the cheek and then wipe off his own kiss from my face!  He has a low gravelly voice and loves playing with his brothers.


We sure love our Bobby!

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