Camping at Hyrum Lake

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We fit in one more camping trip before the craziness of school started.  This time we drove up to Cache Valley and stayed at a campground on Hyrum Lake.  It was a busy campground, but it was also incredibly pretty!

See the pretty view behind those pretty faces…


The boys put up our small tent and were very excited to sleep out there…until the winds started!  It was after midnight and another set of campers started yelling about the wind and it woke the boys up.  The storm (and the yelling) unsettled the boys enough that they chose to come into the trailer after that.


Along the beach, the boys had fun finding these little crawdads.


I had no interest in touching the creepy looking things!


But they loved them.


There was just a little beach section on the lake.  The wading was good.


So was the company!


And the sunning!


Kevin spent most of his time in the kayaks paddling around with different sets of boys.


Billy and Ricky discovered the joy of jumping off the kayak, climbing back in, and doing it again!


We spent some time playing games.  A bit of Skip-bo …


Good looking camping buddies!


Bobby loves freedom.  On the beach, as long as his puddle-jumpers were on, I just let him go.  He knew his limits and never went too deep but he was just happy!


The boys tried out their fishing skills.  I don’t think anyone caught any fish, but they got to climb on rocks and cast, so they thought it was all good!


There you go.

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