End of Summer

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Just a few things from our last weeks of summer …

We had an end of summer BBQ with some friends.  One of those families is the Teuschers.  Tyler is Ricky’s friend from Young Mens.  He can’t really see or hear and mostly rides in a wheelchair.  Ricky is so very good with Tyler.  That night, he pulled Tyler around in a wagon and tried to communicate with him and make sure Tyler was having a good time.  It is rewarding to see your son being so kind!


Even though it was sweltering hot, we hit Lagoon one more time before summer was over.  We found a few rides we hadn’t ridden yet.  The Tilt-A-Whirl makes me giggle!


Ricky took me on Cannibal for the first time.  It is an EXCELLENT roller coaster!  I quite liked it!


It was HOT.  We got some cool treats to try and cool ourselves.  I do love a frozen chocolate covered banana!


We did a big cleaning of the toy room with the intention of getting rid of some toys.  We just have too many and the boys are growing up.  I had the Thomas trains and wooden blocks sitting out so I could either sell them or give them away.  Guess what the boys played with non-stop for the next week?  Every single day?  Yep.  The train and blocks are back in the toy room now.  Sigh.


Kevin and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary.


The solar eclipse happened on our last day of summer.


We tried a couple of different ways to view the eclipse since we didn’t have eclipse glasses.


There was a weird almost eerie feeling as the eclipse happened.


We noticed it getting darker and the temperature dropping.


The paper plates worked well, but I preferred to just watch the shadows.


They were groovy!


Ricky wishes he could have been in Idaho and seen the total eclipse.  With school starting the next day and not knowing what the traffic home would be like, that didn’t happen.  However, there is supposed to be another total eclipse in several years in Texas.  Ricky told me he wants to serve his mission to Texas so he can be in the totality zone for that one.


The swing set was a wise investment.


This is my squash garden.  It produced really well this year!  Way too many zucchini!  It was fun seeing all that green all summer! (and most of it is actual desired plants, not just weeds!)


So long, summer!

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