Tomato Days 2017

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We love our Tomato Days!

Our fun started on Saturday morning with the flag raising ceremony and all you can eat pancake breakfast.  Billy and Rusty sang in the kids choir.  Rusty is on the front row in plaid shorts and Billy is on the back row and isn’t really visible in this shot.


The fun continued on Monday starting with the parade.  All my menfolk rode on our Primary float.  Ricky originally was supposed to keep track of Bobby, which was why he was riding it, but then Kevin chose to ride at the last minute as well.

I sat with some friends and waved heartily as my boys came by!


Hooper Tomatoes – not a rotten one in the bunch!


Rusty and Tommy are on the back row in this one …


After the parade, Kevin joined a team of our friends in a bed race.  Each team pushes this same bed (we did not provide it – we are better at grammar than that) and the team with the fastest time wins.  Kevin’s team didn’t win, but they looked good trying!

We picked a bunch of zucchini and the boys picked out some to take for the Tomato Days Produce contest.  Tommy won first place for the biggest yellow squash!


Rusty took 3rd in the green zucchini category …


And Billy took 2nd in the green zucchini category!


Ricky and Billy volunteered to run some kid games for a couple of hours.  They thought that was almost as fun as playing games themselves!

We cheered at the dog races.   The three youngest found candy and prizes in a saw dust scramble.  We were hot.  Everything about it made it a good day!


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